Weekly classes

Mindful Mondays - Breathwork

The First Monday of every month from 7pm – 8.30pm

with Rhichelle
Hold and Heal

Rhichelle is the creator of Hold and Heal and currently offers Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology, Reiki and Somatic Breath Activation. Her intention for her sessions is to create a safe space allowing you to reconnect within and find that sparkle of light and peace that is currently missing.

She feels so much joy guiding and holding space for others while they go through their journey, knowing every session is different yet so special.

Rhichelle lives by the quote “if you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”. She is looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all.

Fatigue and Female Sexuality Class

The Third Monday Bi-monthly (next one 15th July from 7pm – 8.30pm)

with Cristy
Empower The Woman

The old saying, “I’m too tired” gets a bad wrap. It has been branded as an excuse and often not met with loving compassion.

I work with women everyday and I witness a great deal of shame, confusion, resentment and anger with themselves and their partners when fatigue plays a part in their capacity for intimacy.

I’m coming to ‘The Creative Wellness Studio’, in Trafalgar, to talk about and provide space for women to dive into Fatigue and Female Sexuality.

This 1.5 hour class will be educational, open to questions, provide time for women to share (if they want to) and will conclude with a gentle restorative female embodiment practice.

The class will include information specific to:

The female body
Female arousal
Expectations/conditioning and what I call “the life trap”
Stages of womanhood
Hot tips 🔥
And no doubt much more ….

Female Sexuality is a journey. It is not simple and often not predictable. It can be juicy and beautiful and also feel like a far distance away.

Fatigue can and often does come into play at some point in a woman’s sexual journey. Unfortunately, discussion around it is somewhat taboo. Let’s bring it to life and discover ways to work with it instead of against it.

Financial Investment: $30 per woman

Self Care Circle

Monday 22nd July, 12th August & 9th September from 7.00pm – 8.30pm)

Katie Parker
Katie Parker Perinatal & Parenting Support

Life is moving at such a fast pace, leading to exhaustion and overwhelm for so many. Let’s slow it down a little.

If you are in need of some nourishing ‘me time’, I invite you to join me in Circle for 90 minutes of nurturing self-care.

This will be a beautiful opportunity to create some time and space to stop and rest. To reflect on where you’re at in life and what you’re calling in.

These Self Care Circles will be held bi-monthly on the following Monday nights in 2024 from 7-8:30pm:

22nd July
12th August
9th September

You have the option of attending a single Circle(s) for $40 ($25 concession) each, or you can come along to the series of three for $100 ($65 concession).

What’s included in each Circle:

– Meditation
– Journaling
– Sharing
– Self-massage
– Intention setting
– Herbal tea
– Fruit & chocolate platter

BYO cushion, blanket and water bottle.

I would love to see you there!

Nutrition Workshop

The last Monday of every month from 6.30pm – 7.30pm
(Taking a break in May & July)

The Health Plate

This workshop is for people who are ready for a change of lifestyle that is doable! What you will get is tips and tools to implement in your everyday life to set you up for success. What you won’t get is BS fad diets, calorie counting plans or false promise. I am a degree qualified Nutritionist that loves helping people get their zest for life back.


Every Tuesday
Early morning Yoga from 6.15am – 7pm

Every Thursday
Chair Yoga from 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Yoga Flow from 6pm – 7pm

with Lucy

In Lucy’s classes, you can expect time to arrive in the moment and connect with your body and breath before moving through a gentle whole body warm up.  The class will build up to explore a sequence of movements to stretch and strengthen the body while releasing tension. You will be invited to move in a way that supports you best. There will be time at the end of the class to rest and integrate the practice before moving into the rest of your day or evening.

Lucy believes yoga should be accessible to all and does her best to create a welcoming and supported environment for students of all levels.  All are welcome to these practices.

Chair Yoga is a gentle movement and strength class guided from sitting in a chair.  The classes will focus on mobility, alignment and connection to your body and mind through movement and breath. You may enjoy these sessions if you are working with your mobility, find moving up and down from the floor challenging, are recovering from an injury or are interested in a gentle and supported class.

Yoga Flow is a mat based class focused on breath, mobility, strength and functional movement of your body.  These classes will move through a range of movements from working on the ground to standing.

Community Co-Working Day

Every Friday from 10am – 5pm (Taking a break – back at the end of July)

with The Creative Wellness Studio

The Creative Wellness Studio will be hosting a Co-Working Day of a Friday for creatives looking to set aside a day to work ON their business. You can come in to the studio, sit amongst like minded business owners (or even soon-to-be business owners) and work on the things you need that time set aside for. It could be planning the month or year ahead, brainstorming ideas or collaborations with other business owners, writing some copy for a website, scheduling some social media posts, getting advice from other business owners that are in on the day on their speciality – what ever you need and want at the time.

The space will be open between 10.00am – 5pm every Fourth Friday of the month. If you need to pick kids up from school, you can head off at 3pm or if you need a little bit of extra time, you are welcome to stay until 5pm. BYO snacks & lunch or nip out to grab something from one of our many fabulous local cafes in Trafalgar.

If we have enough interest, we will also have some amazing facilitators to take us through various mindfulness modalities to start our day. If you do not wish to join the class at the start of the day, you simply come in at 10am instead. Otherwise, we will see you at 9.15 for a 45 minute kick off to your day. It might be meditation, journalling, breath work, yoga, cycle planning, nutrition talks – so many possibilities to watch this space for.

The cost is going to be somewhere between $30-$40 if you do wish to attend the morning class or $15 if you do not wish to attend the morning class and simply enjoy a co-working day. Each month it will be announced over social media who the facilitator will be. An invoice will be forwarded to you once your booking has been made.

Click on through to the link below to secure your booking and I can’t wait to see this beautiful creative community grow.

Sound Bath & Relaxation

The Second Wednesday and The Last Sunday of every month from 7pm – 8pm

Love Your Temple

A wife and mum to 3 beautiful souls, a spiritual seeker.

I am passionate about health and welling being for the mind body and spirit.

I have been on my own personal healing jouney since 2015, learning to love my own temple – hence my buisness name “Love Your Temple” diving into my own self limiting belielfs, embracing vunerability , and looking into my own core wounds and shadow and well as embracing my light and authenticity.

My healing journey is not complete. I believe we are always evolving and learning . Its the journey, not the destination. And we are always a work in progress.

My offerings of sound baths at The Creative Wellness Studio are set with the intention to create a space of non jugement, love, peace, relaxation and to call in what is most needed for each individual at that specific time.

My tools of choice include the shamanic drum, crystal quartz singing bowls, tounge drum, koshi chimes, spirit bells, tuning forks, chakra and solfeggio frequncies.

No 2 sound baths are the same and sound sessions are run intuitively so not all tools may be used in one sound session depending on what is felt is needed.

I wish each individual blessings on their own souls path and journey

You can book by contacting Rhyannan at rhyannan@live.com.au or 0423 170 711 or via Facebook

Upcoming events

An Introduction to Manifesting with the Moon

Friday 21st June from 6pm – 7pm

Jazmine Williams
The Inner light Evolved

Welcome to The Inner Light Evolved, where Jazmine Williams guides individuals on their path to self-discovery, fulfillment, and lasting change. Jazmine works with those feeling stuck or struggling to create substantial transformation in their lives. Through her unique Whole Self Mastery™ approach, she helps clients achieve holistic harmony and stability across all areas of life, unlocking their true potential for a more fulfilling, harmonious, and abundant existence.
Jazmine believes that transformational change begins with self-reflection, a commitment to growth, and a willingness to be vulnerable and accountable. By fostering a strong coach-client relationship built on trust, she empowers clients to align with their truest selves, tap into their highest potential, and put their newfound wisdom into action. Having overcome her own challenges of disconnection, underachievement, and misalignment, Jazmine is passionate about guiding others on their journey to self-actualization and fulfillment through Whole Self Mastery™ her transformational coaching method as well as teaching manifestation using the astrology of the moon and other spiritual coaching practices.

Certified in Transformational Women Centred Coaching, Manifestation, Spiritual and Trauma-Informed coaching as well as a certified Moonologer, Jazmine has an array of expertise to help people create transformational change, balance and harmony in life.

Join Jazmine for the upcoming workshop, “An Introduction to Manifesting with the Moon,” and discover the timeless power of the lunar cycle to bring your dreams to life. In this workshop, you’ll learn to harness the moon’s energy and the principles of the law of attraction to manifest your deepest desires. Through insightful guidance and hands-on practices, this workshop will empower you to align with the moon’s phases and create the life you’ve always envisioned. Begin your journey towards intentional living and personal transformation with her.

Winter Vintage Market

Sunday 21st July from 8am – 12pm

The Creative Wellness Studio

Welcome to The Creative Wellness Studio’s first Winter Vintage Market. We have the perfect space here in Trafalgar to house a little pre-loved market. I have given everyone plenty of notice to clean out your wardrobes and work out what fabulous items might be re-loved in a new home. For $20 you can hire a 3 metre wide x 2.5 metre deep space in the studio on Sunday 21st July from 8am – 12pm. You are to supply your own equipment such as a table and/or rack.

Only pre-used clothing, shoes & fashion accessories will be accepted. What a way to contribute to sustainable fashion and make a little pocket money along the way. Why not share a stall with a friend or two and make a morning out of it.

To book a stall be quick as there are only 8 stalls available and we will have a waiting list if there is more interest, not to mention further markets if it is a big hit. I would also love some feedback for future markets as to whether a Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday morning is preferred so feel free to get in touch with preferences for both stall holders and market attendees.

Sister Circle

Sunday 30th June from 10am – 12pm

Cassandra Dahini
Breath Of Gaia

It is my honour and privilege to announce Breath Of Gaia’s first sister circle.

A space created for women to connect in their rawness, their softness and their edges.

A space where the power that women generate when they gather will radiate through every cell in your being.

Circle will be held on the 30th of June 2024 from 10am – 12pm. Circle will be guided by what is needed and felt in the collective. As well as a gentle embodiment practice to close with.

As I like to keep circle an intimate experience for all, there will be a limited amount of spaces that can be offered.

I cannot wait to sit in circle with you all.

My love and gratitude,
Cassandra Dahini

Investment – $39

Head Shot Day

Wednesday 14th August from 9.30am – 3.00pm

Kellie Robinson Photography

Autumn Head Shot Day – $220

– 15 minute sitting at The Creative Wellness Studio, Trafalgar
– All images for digital download (approximately 20)

Aura Paint & Sip Workshop

Friday 31st May from 6.30pm – 9pm

The Holistic Psychic

Attention all those who wish to get back in touch with there creative minds & connect with there inner child!

Those who wish to venture out and meet like minded women!

Those who are interested in learning about the Auras and all things woo woo then this one’s for you.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity?
Join Emma A gifted psychic Medium & her Co host Bianca at Our Aura Paint and Sip Workshop, where art meets mindfulness! 🎨

Step into a mindfully held space where we will sip on ceremonial grade cacao & herbal tea, while incense, candles and music create a high vibrational atmosphere.

You each will be receiving a beautiful aura reading, which will help guide you on your painting journey.

The night will start off in circle and opening up your chakras to allow for intuitive painting to flow through you.
Don’t miss out on this unique experience that combines mindfulness and creativity.

Book your spot now and let your inner artist shine!

Alchemy Day Retreat

Sunday 23rd June

Karen Humphries
Blooming from within

This is a unique 1-day immersion into a boutique retreat experience. Carefully curated to allow you to reconnect into your heart space at your pace.

The Alchemy Retreat Day has something to offer every woman seeking to learn how to create and implement more peace, ease & grace, balance, and calm into her life.

Are you ready to carve out some time for yourself to remove limiting beliefs, release big feelings, and receive the felt experience of true freedom and calm in your body?

This is your opportunity to do more than simply disconnect from your daily distractions. I have carved out a space to allow you to relish some quality me-time, and to deeply nurture your heart space.

I have named this unique transformation experience ‘Alchemy’. It’s offered as a small Group experience. There are only 20 seats in the circle.

Thermomix Wellbeing Cooking Class - Comforting Winter Cookery

Sunday 30th June 3pm – 5pm

with Eimear
Red Dirt Road Life

Cosy up in the Creative Wellness Studio with Eimear and be inspired to cook warm, comforting delicious and healthy foods that will see you through those dark days of winter.

From warm soups to curries, pies, cakes, french canelé’s, hot drinks, and satisfying desserts, winter is a fabulous time to get cooking together inside. Meal prep and planning is made easy using the cookidoo app to plan ahead and order groceries to your door, saving on food waste $$$ at the checkout. Get the whole family cooking with guided cooking, making healthy but tasty food child’s play. Come along and enjoy some new recipes, be inspired and get innovative in the kitchen.

Eimear McNelis is a creator with a passion for eating well and gardening. She writes a country living blog www.reddirtroad.life and has created and edible kitchen garden from scratch on their 900sqm home in Thorpdale. She has numerous food and skin allergies, including Coeliacs disease, and is a Thermomix consultant who is passionate about nutrient-rich cooking from scratch.

Non-owners and owners welcome.

Thermomix door prize valued at $50 to take home for one lucky winner.

Cost $40 per person


Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup
Chicken and Pear Pie
Chocolate French canelé
Beef and mushroom stroganoff
Gluten free scones with jam and cream.